38g Ultra light! OPPO Air Glass 2 Opens a New Development Path for AR Glasses

(Last Updated On: 12/30/2022)

On December 14, at the 2022 OPPO Future Science and Technology Conference, OPPO presented the new generation of AR smart glasses OPPO Air Glass 2.

As the second generation product of OPPO Air series, OPPO Air Glass 2 continues the integrated design of the previous generation, as well as the scheme of Micro LED combined with diffractive optical waveguide. It is only upgraded from monocular to binocular, and with the addition of resin material, the product weight is reduced to only 38g. This is probably the lightest binocular intelligent glasses at present.

OPPO Air Glass 2

Infinitely close to ordinary glasses, how about OPPO Air Glass 2 experience?

OPPO showed two color versions of OPPO Air Glass 2: “black” and “silver white”. In terms of appearance, OPPO Air Glass 2 is similar to ordinary glasses in shape. The edge of the product frame is thin, and only the left and right parts close to the optical mechanism have about 0.5cm prominent modules.

It is said that the OPPO second generation Spark micro optical machine is only 0.5cc in size, less than the size of a green bean, which is 40% smaller than the previous generation.

OPPO Air Glass 2: “black”

No matter from the front or side of the glasses, the shape and weight are almost the same as those of normal glasses. Wearing glasses when going out is almost undetected as an AR smart glasses.

OPPO Air Glass 2

There is a “small hole” on the left frame of the glasses. It is reported that this is a light sensor, which is used to sense the brightness of the external environment and can adjust the screen brightness independently.

OPPO Air Glass 2: “silver white”

The logo of OPPO is printed on the front of the right mirror leg. The overall design style is very simple, which is basically consistent with its smartphone and wearable products.

OPPO Air Glass 2’s low light level machine design and compact parts distribution not only make it slim, but also get rid of the “sturdy” mirror leg. The leg part of the mirror can be expanded slightly to cope with different head types, and can also be folded inward at 90 degrees. As for the wearing design of the leg, it is understood that the glasses are mainly designed for Asian heads.

OPPO Air Glass 2
OPPO Air Glass 2

In terms of interaction, touch pad and physical keys are designed at the leg of glasses. Compared with the previous generation products, physical keys are an added part, which is more convenient for users to use. It is said that voice control will be supported in the future.

In addition, the mirror leg is also integrated with a conventional speaker and microphone.

OPPO Air Glass 2

OPPO Air Glass 2 is designed with a magnetic charging interface at the mirror foot, but its charging data cable or charging box was not displayed on site.

OPPO Air Glass 2

OPPO Air Glass 2 is more similar to glasses in appearance. Within more than ten minutes of wearing experience, you can hardly feel the weight of glasses, and there is no pressure on the bridge of the nose. It is very comfortable to wear. The frame is made of ultra light magnesium lithium alloy, and the leg is made of PA, which is not easy to be stained with fingerprints.

In terms of application scenarios, OPPO Air Glass 2 has not changed much from the core scenarios of the first generation. At present, the app has seven built-in application functions, including health, teleprompter, translation, shop search, schedule, weather and navigation.

Among them, the “teleprompter” function needs to be matched with the mobile phone’s supporting APP for real-time data transmission and display. The “audio Bluetooth” is similar to the traditional Bluetooth headset, which can be used for music playing, phone answering, etc.

All applications run on the mobile phone, and glasses are used as the second screen of the mobile phone and the auxiliary audio output.

It is reported that the OPPO Air Glass 2 has a 200mAh built-in battery, which can be used continuously for about 3 hours in the “teleprompter” scenario.

“teleprompter” scenario of the OPPO Air Glass 2

In terms of display, OPPO Air Glass 2 adopts the diffraction grating waveguide optical scheme to achieve a binocular 27 degree field of view angle. In combination with the single green Micro LED micro display provided by JBD, it can bring more than 1000 nit of eye brightness. Even after the significant light effect reduction of the diffraction grating, it can still meet the requirements of normal light environment for indoor and outdoor scenes.

built-in application functions navigation of the OPPO Air Glass 2

OPPO Air Glass 2 is equipped with Apollo wearable chip, which is the core of its low power consumption. Apollo chips have long been adopted in OPPO’s smart watches. For example, the OPPO Watch 3 Pro released this year uses the dual core architecture of “Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+Apollo”, in which Apollo is used to handle low power consumption scenarios, while high-performance scenarios are handled by Snapdragon W5. It is understood that OPPO Air Glass 2 requires wireless connection to smart phones.

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