Aoxue Launches Ultra thin VR New Products SnowKylin

(Last Updated On: 12/30/2022)

The new VR product SnowKylin released this time adheres to Aoxue’s consistent style, which is light, comfortable and convenient to carry. The 190g host weight and ultra-thin design have greatly improved the VR head display experience, so that users can enjoy the VR experience without any worries about the weight and volume of the VR head display.

5K screen, Fast-LCD maximum resolution

5K screen, Fast-LCD maximum resolution in SnowKylin

SnowKylin’s binocular resolution reaches 4560 × 2280. It adopts the industry’s highest standard Fast LCD screen, 1512 PPI, 5K image quality, and significantly improves the clarity. Convenient diopter adjustment, 0-800 degree myopia users do not need to wear glasses. Bring users super advanced visual enjoyment in the industry.

Leading optical solution of Pancake

Leading optical solution of Pancake

At present, some VR head displays using Pancake optics still have an overall weight of 500 to 600 grams, which does not give full play to the advantages of Pancake optical technology in controlling the head display volume and reducing the head display weight. Snow kylin uses the Pancake optical module developed by the team itself. With the nearly ten years of optical experience of the team members, the iteration from 2P Pancake optics to 3P Pancake optics truly gives play to the advantages of Pancake optics and brings new visual enjoyment to users. SnowKylin’s Pancake optical module uses high-quality materials to further suppress ghosting, making the picture more pure and the edge image quality very clear.

Advanced computing power and powerful ecology

powerful cinema ecology
powerful game ecology

Snow Kylin is equipped with Qualcomm XR2 chip, with advanced computing power and powerful performance. It can not only run VR games perfectly, but also stream steamVR wirelessly and enjoy massive game resources. In addition to being able to experience various video and media platforms and enjoy 5K IMAX screens, 3D and 360 degree videos, Snow kylin will also create a distinctive ecology and community, and its future content and applications will become more and more rich.

Projection PC, Linkage World

Snow kylin can not only easily use the mobile phone to cast screen and experience multiple entertainment enjoyment, but also will incarnate into PC VR and connect computers in the future to meet the multiple needs of different users. The ultra-thin and ultralight design, whether mobile VR or PCVR, can enter the meta universe world very comfortably.

VR is not only a game, but also a virtual world

VR and the meta universe need endless imagination and creativity. The application and experience of the real world and virtual world in VR are equally important, and the fast-paced and slow paced experience are equally critical. Only by breaking the limitations, lowering the threshold, and making VR applications no longer have group boundaries, can we truly promote the popularization of hardware and accelerate the development of the meta universe.

How can you see the spring rain of apricot flowers in the south of the River, the autumn wind of steeds in the north, and the flying snow in the north within three inches? How to go through the complete cycle of four seasons in a few seconds? We believe Snowkylin will give you the answer to how to see your hometown and friends in the years when time went east.

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