[CES2023] Canon will exhibit movie level virtual reality experience

(Last Updated On: 12/29/2022)

Canon will hold a press conference at CES on January 4 2023 and show several products/solutions. It is rumored that cameras, lenses and new virtual reality and imaging technologies will be exhibited.

Facing the VR market, Canon has previously introduced the EOS VR system, which includes an RF5.2mm F2.8L double fish eye lens and EOS R5 and EOS R5C cameras compatible with special lenses. For software, Canon has also developed Canon EOS VR Utility, which can convert the fish eye images recorded by the camera into isometric columnar images. In addition to editing and trimming, the software can also export files to various resolutions and formats for viewing on the VR head display.

Canon VR Solution

Today, Canon will make further progress in the field of virtual reality. During CES, Canon will cooperate with Mr. Night Shyamalan (the film producer behind The Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village) worked together to create a VR interactive booth for the upcoming thriller film Knock at the Cabin.

Canon created a replica of the same size as the movie cabin in the booth. Players can interact with the characters in the movie and look for clues in the virtual cabin with the help of VR technology. The new VR and imaging technologies Canon will show at CES are applied behind these lifelike VR experiences.

virtual cabin with the help of VR technology

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