[CES2023] HTC’s new VIVE XR elite package was launched, equipped with depth sensor

(Last Updated On: 01/08/2023)

Recently, the XR terminal manufacturer HTC VIVE officially launched its first XR all-in-one machine – VIVE XR Elite Suite. VIVE XR Elite Package integrates VR and MR functions with its compact body, rich and powerful functions and flexible and variable forms, breaking the innovation boundary in the field of meta universe again, and bringing users an immersive meta universe experience full of a sense of the future.

  • VIVE XR elite package is equipped with an RGB color perspective camera, which has both VR and MR functions;
  • The device is thin and portable, and weighs only 625g, including batteries;
  • VIVE XR Elite package includes 1 head display, 2 control handles and 1 rear battery;
  • With the release of new products, VIVEPORT platform has launched nearly 100 new and rich XR content applications, such as Figmin, Hubris, Yuki, Maestro, etc.

Wang Xuehong, chairman of HTC, said: “VIVE XR Elite Suit adheres to HTC VIVE’s innovation gene, leads the industry and market with its excellent MR function, and is equipped with a rich and diverse content ecology, compatible with the latest standards such as Wi Fi 6E, so that consumers can embrace XR experience in multiple scenarios such as learning, working, and entertainment.”

MR frontier experience, powerful performance

The VIVE XR elite package is equipped with an RGB color perspective camera, so that users can see the real world without taking off the head display. At the same time, it supports the hand tracking function, so that the actions in the real environment can be more accurately fed back to the MR experience, realizing the real integration of virtual and reality, and also allowing the MR function to be widely used in multiple scenes, so that different user groups will also gain their own new experience and value.

For example, in the innovative work scene, through the VIVE XR elite package, innovators can easily find new creative ways, stimulate artistic inspiration, and open up different ideas for enterprise innovation in the immersive 3D world.

In the mobile office scene, the VIVE XR elite suit can be transformed into a virtual workspace, and multiple virtual screens will perfectly match the real keyboard and mouse to improve the working efficiency of the professional talents and stimulate creativity.

In the entertainment scene, VIVE XR Elite Suit can superimpose the characters in the game with real objects such as furniture, so as to provide experienced players with an immersive game experience and imagination.

In the learning scene, VIVE XR Elite Suit can synchronize various kinds of tutorials such as musical instruments and sports equipment with the real scene in real time, so as to help fashion youth learn skills and knowledge better.

With its exquisite and compact appearance, VIVE XR Elite Suit achieves a perfect balance between comfort and performance, bringing users the most cutting-edge wearing experience. The newly upgraded hinge structure enables the mirror leg to cover the user’s head like a traditional all-in-one machine. The magnetic face fabric pad supports removal for easy cleaning and replacement.

The whole body (including removable battery) weighs only 625g. The battery is placed behind and slightly curved, balancing the weight and ensuring the best comfort. The battery adopts a 30 watt fast charging design, which supports hot plug and replacement. After being fully charged through the USB-C interface, it can provide a lasting experience of up to 2 hours, enabling consumers to have a strong endurance guarantee in multiple scenarios such as learning, working and entertainment. In addition, the USB-C interface on the right side of the fuselage can be connected to the charging bank or the power supply to supply power for the head display.

In addition, the VIVE XR elite package has shaped the audio-visual experience of “sound in its environment”. In terms of sound effects, the speakers of the VIVE XR elite package support enhanced sound field and balanced directional sound, making the hearing experience more excellent. In terms of vision, it is equipped with 4K resolution, 110 degree field angle and 90Hz refresh rate. The product can adjust the lens diopter. The external side is equipped with a micro adjustment slider for pupil distance. It can obtain the best visual image without wearing glasses and picking equipment.

The new VIVE XR elite package is equipped with 4 tracking cameras with wide field of view and 1 depth sensor, and is also equipped with a 6DoF control handle, which supports hand tracking and capacitive sensing of finger movements, enabling developers to develop more freely in VR or MR environments to achieve accurate movement and improve the overall experience. The VIVE wrist strap tracker launched by HTC can also further enhance hand tracking, tracking any object in the XR content, making manipulation more intuitive and experience more powerful. HTC VIVE will also launch a new face and eye tracker in 2023 to further improve the XR experience.

As a compact and portable headworn device, the VIVE XR Elite Suite perfectly demonstrates the flexibility of the XR all-in-one machine. Just remove the rear battery and install the leg pad, you can easily switch to the form of glasses through its modular design. Therefore, VIVE XR Elite Package can freely switch between the portable immersive VR glasses and the XR all-in-one machine according to the diversified use needs of different consumers.

In addition to serving consumers, VIVE XR Elite Suit is also applicable to enterprise users, bringing more possibilities for innovative business of B-end enterprises. HTC VIVE also continues to give play to its sense of corporate responsibility. VIVE XR Elite Suit strictly practices HTC VIVE’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). Its packaging is very environmentally friendly. 99.9% of its materials are paper, and 99% are made of recyclable materials, making the outer packaging 100% recyclable.

Open ecology, enjoy wonderful content

While enjoying the wonderful experience brought by the free switching between XR all-in-one machine and VR glasses, users can also experience the powerful functions of PC VR on the VIVE XR Elite Suite. The device can be easily connected to a personal computer through the USB-C interface, while supporting Wi Fi or Wi Fi 6E wireless PC streaming, so that users can obtain wonderful PC VR content experience on VIVEPORT or Steam platforms.

At the same time, users can also wirelessly transmit content from compatible Android phones to the VIVE XR Elite Suite, unlocking a new entertainment world. Wearing the VIVE XR Elite Kit, you can get a 300 inch private screen, connect the Bluetooth handle to your personal phone, and get a more perfect game experience.

With the launch of VIVE XR elite package, HTC VIVE launched new XR games and a series of promotional activities for game/VR experts. This is the richest application update in the history of HTC VIVE. Nearly 100 MR/VR content applications, including Demeo, Hubris, Yuki, Maestro, FigminXR, Unplugged and Finger Gun, will be launched simultaneously. After the launch of the new product, more content such as Everlight: Invasion will be launched one after another, and later this year, there will also be MR games such as Eggscape. During the pre-sale period, when you purchase the VIVE XR elite package, you can get 5 selected games with a total value of 500 yuan, including Green Hell, Unplugged, Figmin, Glimpse, and Mozhiyun, for free.

Breaking the boundary of innovation, VIVERSE meta universe is further advanced

The VIVERSE meta universe platform maintains a leading position in supporting OpenXR and WebXR standards, and all external devices can access Viverse through a Web browser. HTC VIVE has established cooperation with VRoid Studios, a character creation company. Through VRM open standards, the avatar Avatar can be easily imported into Viverse; It also established technical cooperation with Sketchfab, a 3D modeling platform, to allow users to import various free 3D models into Viverse’s personal center.

As the best entrance to the Viverse meta universe platform, the VIVE XR elite package integrates the best software and hardware innovation of HTC VIVE, allowing users to enter VIVE Home from the moment they wear the head display, and obtain an extraordinary immersive meta universe experience. Users will start an adventure journey from a customized social space with two floors: they can start their favorite XR games and experiences by looking at the bookshelf in their personal space, and open the shuttle door to a new world by looking at the pictures on the wall. In a specific living area, users can invite friends to play together. Entering the second floor, they can also check the schedule of the day to keep the balance between work and life.

With the help of the VRM standard based full body avatar creation tool, or by taking a selfie to quickly generate a dedicated virtual image, users can wear the VIVE XR Elite Kit to travel through the exclusive activities and experiences of Viverse; Through cross platform application of VIVE World, you can enter other worlds, applications, games and content in Viverse.

Not only that, HTC VIVE also established cooperation with the blockchain network Lamina1 designed for the meta universe. Lamina1 was founded by Neal Stephenson, the author of Avalanche, and Peter Vessenes, the pioneer of cryptocurrency. The Viverse meta universe platform will use the layer-1 blockchain tool of Lamina1 to more efficiently carry out cross scene and cross platform asset allocation and management. Users can seamlessly synchronize virtual images, clothing, artwork and other digital personal assets in different meta universe scenes.

HTC VIVE has always been committed to unleashing human imagination through the combination of technology and humanity. The Viverse meta universe platform continues to give play to its openness, creativity and security, better integrates users’ life and work through immersive solutions, and shows people the shocking effects of applications in training, art, entertainment, film and television industry and other industries. The advent of the VIVE XR elite suit also means that the Viverse meta universe ecology ushers in a new advance, and the open, innovative and interactive immersive meta universe experience has officially entered the next era.

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