Goolton 5G explosion-proof AR glasses C2000S were officially released, focusing on industrial applications

(Last Updated On: 12/30/2022)

Recently Goolton has released a new 5G explosion-proof monocular array waveguide integrated AR glasses – C2000S, which focuses on the industrial field. The product is equipped with industry-leading optical waveguide technology, uses domestic 5G chips and self-developed Webb OS system, has made significant progress in display technology, tracking performance, interactive experience, security protection, etc., and has also made a lot of detailed design for extreme needs of industrial scenes.

It is reported that the C2000S is independently developed and produced by Goolton Technology from optical modules to complete glasses, from system platforms to AI algorithms. It is an industrial grade AR glasses with excellent performance and high scene adaptability in the industry.

Goolton 5G explosion-proof AR glasses C2000S

Tailored for industry, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

The industrial meta universe is a new stage of the current industrial digital transformation. As an important means of the industrial meta universe, XR technology can use software and hardware solutions to incorporate worker work scenarios, that is, the work links dominated by people, into the digital system, helping enterprises solve management gaps that are difficult to cover with traditional information technology. As an industry level AR brand that enables intelligent, Goolton Technology is committed to bringing AR technology into the industry, promoting process optimization and efficiency improvement, which is of great significance for the realization of industrial digital upgrading. The C2000S released this time has made a lot of corresponding function upgrades for various common pain points in industrial production.

Multiple wearing patterns, suitable for different operation scenarios
  • Self developed optical waveguide technology and original design of “strong light visibility”

In the process of industrial operation, the blocked vision will cause potential safety hazards for front-line workers. The C2000S AR optical module based on the array optical waveguide technology has achieved a breakthrough in light transmittance and optical utilization. The general light transmittance can reach 81.5%, which is close to naked eye observation, and can maximize the safety of operations. When working in outdoor strong light, the AR screen will often be interfered by transmitted light and reflected strong light. To ensure clear display, the C2000S adopts an independent anti-interference design, which can effectively reduce the intrusion of light from all directions and ensure that the screen content is clear and visible under strong light.

  • In addition, the intensity of light and the distance of shooting are huge challenges for data acquisition.

Problems such as insufficient pixels, blurred image quality, image jitter and dizziness, and inaccurate focusing will directly affect the work efficiency. The 48M zoom camera module adopted by the C2000S solves the problem of data acquisition for far and near scenes; Anti shake of EIS+OIS solves the problems of image quality and jitter vertigo; The setting of laser positioning anchor point is more conducive to accurately capturing target data and ensuring the validity of data; In addition, the C2000S is also equipped with night light compensation accessories to meet the requirements of all-weather operation.

  • Powerful 5G inner core, connecting industrial super computing power

In the face of industrial digital transformation, the application of 5G+industry is getting closer and closer, and the relationship between equipment is becoming closer and closer from the previous relative independence. Aiming at the requirements of industrial computing power and performance, the C2000S has a built-in 5G chip solution, making mobile high-speed connection to cloud computing and Internet of Things data a standard configuration; For industrial expansion, the C2000S has introduced enhanced WIFI 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and full channel link capabilities, which ensure stable connection and low data transmission delay in industrial application scenarios.

  • Full time high-precision tracking, fast and smooth interaction

As introduced that the Webb OS operating system is carried by the C2000S. This system is based on Android native, and is developed for AR glasses in depth customization, so that it can give full play to the performance of the headset. At the same time, relying on the AI algorithm platform and industry big data developed by Goolton, C2000S has also far exceeded its peers in face recognition, behavior detection, target tracking, voice recognition, gesture recognition, character recognition, defect recognition, infrared recognition and temperature measurement, automatic reading of instruments and meters, industrial visual measurement and other aspects. In addition, Goolton’s VSLAM scheme adopts the architecture of end cloud integration to realize such functions as visual repositioning, multi-sensor fusion, plane signs and 3D object tracking. The VSLAM combined with the end cloud has a real-time high-precision positioning, a response speed of ms, a positioning accuracy of cm, and an angular error of 2 degrees.

  • Super security protection, fearless of extreme environmental challenges

According to Goolton’s research and analysis of various industrial scenes, it is found that the high noise environment can reach 70db~100db of environmental noise, which puts forward higher requirements for speech recognition and interaction. Through multiple scheme tests, the C2000S adopts a multi mic noise reduction scheme to achieve noise reduction of more than 95db, ensuring high accurate recognition rate and call effect.

In order to ensure the stable use of the C2000S in the harsh environment such as high temperature, cold, rain and dust at the operation site, the C2000S machine has been designed with waterproof and dust-proof IP66, advanced Micro OLED display technology and low temperature battery protection technology, and has also achieved effective fall protection of 1.6M to ensure that the product is sturdy and durable. For the operation scenarios with potential safety hazards such as combustible gas, C2000S has also achieved the explosion-proof safety certification of Intrinsically Safe Zone I.

Deeply cultivate five scenarios, and AR drives industrial optimization

AR drives industrial optimization

In the early research process, Goolton Technology visited nearly 100 enterprises and found that ensuring quality and safety is the biggest demand of many enterprises for patrol inspection, operation and maintenance. Especially in energy, aerospace, customs, automobile industry, future factory and other types of enterprises, the core is to implement standardized operations. Through AR+AI, Goolton Technology has implemented standardized operations for enterprises. The process is supervised, the steps are streamlined, the problems can be identified by AI, and the errors and omissions can be reminded. Through the connection with the customer’s ERP system, the workflow is seamlessly connected.

The new AR eyewear C2000S all-in-one machine released this time is specially designed for industrial application development. It is a new generation of AR productivity for five scenarios: patrol inspection, operation and maintenance, remote guidance, remote verification, industrial training, and digital twins. The introduction of emerging XR technology will help to change the traditional operation mode of manufacturing industry, establish a “smart industry” system, build a “smart factory”, and help industry 4.0 enter all walks of life.

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