Huawei Vision Glass Review: 120 inch virtual giant screen easily put into pocket

(Last Updated On: 01/06/2023)

Two months ago, the editor said the news that Huawei Vision Glass was released. At that time, the details were not very clear. Today, the editor tried it out in detail, bringing you first-hand detailed review.

120 inch virtual giant screen! Huawei’s first smart cinema AR Vision Glass released

Huawei Vision Glasses

Huawei has laid out its smart glasses product line for a long time, and has brought us one excellent smart glasses that have broken the imagination of the industry and consumers one after another in recent years. Can the new Huawei Vision Glass help Huawei realize the great “Holographic Internet” from the perspective of film viewing, so that Huawei can become a pioneer of the new billion level consumer blue ocean? Let’s look down.

1 Film viewing: break the time and space limit and enjoy the exclusive experience of the cinema line

Why do you prefer large screen mobile phones/large TVs and real wireless Bluetooth headsets? Or from another angle, why do people prefer to go to the cinema? The former is because we hope to get better audio-visual experience in private scenes in our daily life; The latter is because the configuration and environment in the cinema can bring us a more extreme and immersive viewing experience. However, no matter how big the mobile phone/TV is, there will always be limits, while the cinema resources also have content limitations. Is there a device that can combine the advantages of the two, so that we can break the time and space constraints, and enjoy the theater line level experience exclusively anytime and anywhere?

From the perspective of existing technologies, AR/VR devices can meet the above requirements. However, there are still some technical bottlenecks in VR equipment, leading to the weight and wearing experience still need to be improved. For modern people who are used to wearing glasses/sunglasses, an intelligent film spectacles that can not only be used as glasses/sunglasses for daily use, but also bring us a series of intelligent experiences has become the “optimal solution” to achieve this demand, so Huawei Vision Glass came into being.

For the large screen experience, Huawei Vision Glass can project a virtual giant screen equivalent to 4 meters and 120 inches in the air, which is equivalent to enlarging the mobile phone screen 20 times, so that it can bring us a more immersive and comfortable viewing experience in multi-dimensional scenes: when we are in leisure and entertainment, whether watching movies or playing games, it can make us feel immersive; For office scenes, a broader vision may bring us a new creative experience; In the long journey, we can also wear it to enjoy private and immersive travel time.

The large screen is only the first step, and the high-definition and perfect viewing experience is the next step for consumers to pay. Huawei Vision Glass uses an advanced Micro OLED screen. Its pixel density (PPI) per inch can reach 4500+, which is 10 times higher than that of traditional mobile phones, making its 21mm small size possible to give our eyes 1080p full HD image quality experience.

At the same time, it also has a PPD close to the human eye resolution limit (note: Huawei Vision Glass’s PPD is 53, and the human eye normal vision resolution limit PPD ≈ 60), which makes its high-definition image quality successfully reach the top level in the industry, and more clear than the VR glasses with a PPD of about 20. In addition, Huawei has also combined a new stray light processing technology to enable its optical modules to effectively mask light spots. By reducing interference spots, we can bring us a pure “flawless” viewing experience.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has also adapted the futuristic 3D viewing function for consumers in order to bring them an industry-leading new experience of watching movies. We just need to open the Huawei video app, and through the Huawei video 3D zone, we can let the left and right independent screens that do not interfere with each other bring us massive 3D content; In addition, we can not only watch local 3D videos at any time through Huawei Vision Glass Assistant, but also automatically switch 2D/3D modes according to movie resources, which is convenient and convenient.

As a smart viewing glasses, it should not only bring us convenient viewing experience, but also meet our needs for daily use of various scenes. First of all, Huawei Vision Glass has an eye brightness of 480nits, and supports five levels of brightness adjustment. Compared with ordinary VR glasses, it can bring us a brighter viewing experience.

Secondly, it also supports five levels of brightness adjustment, so that even in different light environments, we can view images without interference from the external light environment through the two adjustment buttons at the lower end of the right mirror leg. In addition, the wider the color gamut that can be covered, the wider the color range that can be displayed, which can bring us a richer color presentation. Therefore, Huawei specifically covers 90% of the DCI-P3 standard display screen, which is equivalent to 120% of the RGB screen, and is closer to the high-end theater level projection level, so that it can really bring us a theater level audio-visual feast.

2 Eye care: Healthy and comfortable eye care, one for the whole family

In the Internet era, users love and hate smart devices. On the one hand, our daily life and office work are inseparable from them, but on the other hand, we worry that long-term use will affect our vision. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, Huawei specially equipped it with hardware level low blue light, so that it has won the TUV Eye Care certification. Excellent display quality and eye care ability can effectively reduce fatigue, so that we can provide healthy and comfortable eye care for the eyes even if we wear and use it for a long time.

However, for short-sighted users, whether they go to the cinema to watch 3D blockbusters or use them daily, if they do not wear glasses that meet their own needs, they will feel that “people and animals are not differentiated 10 meters away”. As for intelligent viewing glasses, although some products in the industry provide customized myopia lenses, they can only be used by individuals and cannot be shared with family and friends. In order to solve the problem of trapping the industry and users, Huawei has applied the diopter adjustment design to Huawei Vision Glass to support 0-500 ° myopia adjustment.

We only need to slightly rotate the adjustment knobs on the mirror frames on both sides, then we can freely and independently adjust the binocular degrees, quickly find our own exclusive and clear visual experience, and minimize the trouble of changing lenses in the future. Not only that, thanks to the myopic adjustment function, we can meet the needs of people with different eyesight with just one Huawei Vision Glass, so that our family and friends can use it through independent automatic adjustment.

3 Listening sense: no leakage, more natural, enjoy private radio

After saying “look”, let’s take a look at its “listening”. First of all, Huawei Vision Glass’s in ear design differs from that of ordinary earphones in that its left and right mirror legs are both equipped with an open acoustic design and a customized 128mm? The ultra-thin large amplitude loudspeaker and the leading ultra linear vibration and swing technology not only enable us to gain a clear and layered sense of hearing, but also bring a more natural and transparent and powerful hearing feast, so that smart glasses can also have excellent sound quality performance leading the industry.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Vision Glass is also equipped with a new anti sound field acoustic system, which enables the speakers on the two mirror legs to “directionally” diffuse the sound waves emitted from the directional sound cavity in space, thus effectively reducing the sound leakage around the wearer’s ears. According to the official test data, it can reduce the leakage loudness by 75%, and the maximum is 12dB, which is equivalent to adjusting 4-5 volume gears of the mobile phone. Let us enjoy private radio no matter where we are.

4 Design: continue the fashion and classic, and be more light than blue

As our daily smart glasses, wearing comfort must be the top priority. The brand new Huawei Vision Glass, on the basis of the widely acclaimed predecessor Huawei VR Glass, continues to use the fashionable and classic appearance, and makes it more lightweight. In the aspect of appearance design, Huawei Vision Glass, on the basis of using the low-key and steady deep black, not only uses optical coating technology to improve the surface metal luster, but also adds a gradual dyeing process to the mirror surface. After repeated fine-tuning and polishing by the designer, it can not only lose the avant-garde style but also give consideration to daily use.

In terms of wearing comfort, compared with Huawei VR Glass, it not only greatly reduces the weight by using light and thin optical modules, but also greatly reduces the overall volume of the slim body of about 21mm compared with the previous generation; In addition, the mirror leg with a rotating shaft design allows us to fold and store it, which is easier for us to carry and wear. In particular, Huawei has equipped a three-step adjustable air cushion silicone nose rest with good elasticity, which not only allows it to be compatible with different user groups, but also brings us a more skin friendly wearing experience in various scenarios, such as sitting/standing/lying.

In addition, Huawei has also adopted a forward heat conduction design for it, which allows it to efficiently transmit the heat at the leg to the magnesium aluminum alloy front shell with a larger heat dissipation area. In addition, the inner side of the glasses and the front shell have been insulated. Thanks to this, the temperature of the inside of the glasses is lower than that of the outside. Even if we wear them for a long time, we will not feel the legs of the glasses are hot, so we can wear them at ease.

What’s more, Huawei also provides a standard storage box for users to carry when they travel. In the storage box, Huawei has designed the inner support. After we place the glasses, we can wrap the cable around the outer wall to prevent it from being tangled due to turbulence. Each time we open the box, the glasses will lie in front of us in a neat way.

5 Experience: easy interconnection of all things, unlimited multi play

In terms of ecology, Huawei, which is committed to building an ecosystem of interconnection of everything, can be said to be in the forefront of the entire industry, and Huawei Vision Glass makes full use of it. First, Huawei Vision Glass supports direct wired connection. Glasses can directly connect Huawei Mate series or P series mobile phones and tablets. In addition, Huawei Vision Glass can also be connected to third-party mobile phones with Type-C ports that support DP output. It is worth mentioning that according to the official data, it can connect the mobile phone through the cable direct connection (note: the battery capacity is 4000mAh, full charge), which can make it play video continuously for 4-5 hours, achieving low power consumption and long endurance.

Secondly, we can also connect Huawei Vision Glass directly to the laptop, so as to realize the “office giant screen”. We can put text, pictures and other materials into the 120 inch giant screen, so that it becomes a reality to work at home and open the multi working mode easily; In addition, Huawei Vision Glass can make it compatible with more iOS and Android devices by supporting wireless connection with third-party brand video boxes. We only need to use the projection function on the device, so that the content can be presented in front of us through the giant screen through Huawei Vision Glass.

Finally, Huawei Vision Glass also supports vehicle machine connection, and Huawei especially supports several HiCar models including Interworld series for its adaptation. Relying on Huawei HiCar ecology, we can enjoy a more immersive high fidelity audio-visual experience in the car, which breaks the stereotype of people’s thinking about the function of the space in the car and enables the car to become our exclusive “private cinema”.

6 Summary

Huawei Vision Glass, as Huawei’s first smart viewing glasses, can be said to be not only a pioneer in leveraging a new billion level of consumer blue ocean, but also an important part of Huawei’s “Holographic Internet”. After my experience in this period of time, since I have to wear glasses, wouldn’t it be better to wear a more intelligent and fashionable smart glasses?

Huawei Vision Glasses detailed parameters

Speaker128 mm ultra-thin large amplitude loudspeaker × 2
DisplayMicro OLED x 2, 0.49″, 2*1920*1080
Color Gamut90% DCI-P3(120% sRGB)
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Product SizeDeployment: 159 * 48 * 179mm
Folding: 162 * 48 * 46mm
Package: 211 * 100 * 80mm
Weight112 g (including cable)
Sensorscompass, gyroscope, acceleration
Optical SolutionBirdbath
Pupil distance63.5 ± 4mm
Myopic adjustment0-500 °
Huawei Vision Glasses detailed parameters

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