Pimax Portal released by Pimax, integrating VR, Game Consoles and Mobile PCs

(Last Updated On: 12/30/2022)

At 10:00 a.m. on November 10, Pimax Technology held Pimax Frontier’s overseas conference. Pimax Portal, a new product of VR3.0, unveiled its mystery and redefined the entrance of the meta universe.

Pimax Portal, the World’s First Metaverse Entertainment System

The following are the five highlights of the conference:

1. VR3.0 new products expand the circle to more people

In order to bring the experience of VR3.0 to mainstream people, Pimax creatively created Pimax Portal, a revolutionary meta universe product, with seven years of VR technology. It has brought technological breakthroughs in four major areas – revolutionary handheld game devices, VR3.0 head displays for mainstream people, portable PC game systems, and the ultimate living room entertainment center. The 4-in-1 universal product will lead more people into the virtual reality world, allowing technology to give new freedom to mankind.

2. Hard core technology brings about a new revolution in handheld computers

Revolutionary handheld game device, high performance brings a higher dimension of game experience. Pimax Portal has made a qualitative breakthrough in the visual experience, latency, and hardware design of handheld devices: 4K resolution handheld devices; 144Hz refresh rate is far higher than 90% of the devices on the market; VR proprietary ASW technology; VR low latency technology brings a smooth experience of less than 20 milliseconds delay.

handheld devices

3. Breakthrough VR3.0 all-in-one machine for mainstream users

Breakthrough technology breaks the dilemma of low definition of all-in-one machine on the market, and 27PPD module is configured as standard. It is equipped with two different lenses, one of which is 27PPD and 100 degree FOV, which is very suitable for VR experience; The second group has 40PPD and 60 degree FOV to ensure that people can watch high-resolution movies on the road. They also developed a special wide field version of the head display – Portal Horizon, which provides an amazing 140 degree field of view angle. It makes you feel like you have directly stepped into the virtual world and do not want to return. At the same time, Pimax has also developed Portal Social Edition for Portal, which is equipped with eye tracking and expression tracking to bring the most natural social experience to Portal.

all-in-one VR machine

4. Break through the limitation of game scenes

Portable PC game system, enjoy diversified game experience. Portal can connect games to larger screens and controllers. Pimax XL also provides a larger 8.8 inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. In the new Pimax Mini Station, WiGig Streaming module has created the best streaming media and network technology. The portal supports 5G, WiFi6E and distributed rendering, which solves the three problems of low image quality, frame dropping and delay of cloud games. Pimax Mini Station and customizable Power Station support all cloud game platforms in the market, bringing smooth cloud game experience.

Pimax Portal Mini Station

5. Ultimate living room entertainment center

The Dock exclusive to Pimax Portal has dynamic games, fitness games, large screen mobile games and multimedia modes. With the 6DOF supported by the handle, the Dock has raised the scalability of the Portal to a new level, allowing everyone to play games as they want, bringing about a revolution in guest room interaction.

Pimax Portal Dock

This product has been developed for several years and has accumulated dozens of core technology patents for Pimax Technology worldwide. Traditional VR products generally focus on some main application scenarios. Portal’s groundbreaking collection of multiple configurations, including matching accessories, can meet various needs as long as it has one product, which is very cost-effective. We look forward to the successful performance of this product in the market.

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