VR social platform Somnium Space will launch its split VR head display Somnium VR1, which supports gesture recognition

(Last Updated On: 12/28/2022)

Recently, the VR social platform Somnium Space announced that it will bring its Somnium VR1 head display product to CES 2023.

Somnium Space pointed out in the announcement that, “Somnium VR1 is an open-source high-end PC VR device with high-resolution display, specially customized non Fresnel, crystal clear lens (Pancake) , support eye tracking, gesture recognition, high-resolution pass through and modular design, allowing users to change, add or modify many parts of the head display. In addition, Somnium Space will provide users with access to most sensors and allow advanced users to create customized VR and MR applications. “

Somnium VR1

Somnium Space said that the new head display is designed to provide fans and communities with the ability to make their own head displays. Therefore, the product should be built on an open and modular platform as far as possible.

Users can download and print 3D part drawings of the products themselves, and order the electronic components, sensors and lenses required by the head display directly from the manufacturer.

Somnium Space revealed on Twitter that its products may not be equipped with a handle, but the head display can be connected to any lighthouse compatible handle. The selling price and time of Somnium VR1 are not clear.

Somnium VR1

Product parameters are as follows:

  • Display screen: 2 x 3.2 ″ 2880 × 2880 Fast LCD, horizontal FOV 120 °, vertical FOV 100 °;
  • Pass Through camera: 2 x 3.864 × 2.192, 90 FPS, FOV 120 ° × 100°;
  • Ultraleap gesture recognition;
  • Customized eye tracking;
  • WiFi 6e;
  • Wired/wireless serial PC;
  • Native support for Steam VR and Open XR;
  • 3x USB-C 10 Gbps for external accessories (USB 3.2 Gen2);
  • Integrated high-quality stereo microphone;
  • Earphone jack;
  • Customized headband with earphones;
  • 3 modular customizable and 3D printing anchors.

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