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Price and Customization


The default price on the store is the FOB factory price of the product, excluding shipping and taxes.

If other shippment and prices are required, such as CIF, DDU, etc., they will be calculated based on the specific situation of each order, so it is important not to place an order directly. Please contact us or email to us ( in**@de******.com ) first.

Our company generally does not provide DDP services, and taxes are generally borne by customers.

Good news, the default price on this store includes basic logo printing.

In order to better serve our customers, our company offers different Coupons. Please obtain them on the corresponding page to get better discounts.


As described above, the products on this store support customization, and the default price includes logo printing (Print on packaging or product, depending on the specific situation).

If you need more customization, such as printing pictures, changing shapes, colors, and sizes, please contact us specifically, as prices may vary.

What we have listed in our store are only some representative products, and we can also offer a wider variety and personalized products. Therefore, if you have any further product or customization needs, please feel free to contact us at any time.